Via Provinciale Valdarno - Casentino, bivio per Valla - loc.Casina della Fonte


Killing in combat of members of the Resistance

Partisans of the IV Compagnia, III Btg. XXIII Bgt. “Pio Borri” were killed during a failed attack on a German car.

The Signs

Memorial stone to partisans Ferrini and Muti


Place of placement: Roadside

Date of placement:


Memorial stone dedicated to two partisans, Dino Ferrini and Mario Nuti, who died in a clash with the Germans at Casina della Fonte, near Talla (Arezzo), on May 1st 1944. The memorial is small, made of stone, with a rectangular base on which stands a truncated column with an octagonal base. The simple epigraph is in bronze lettering in relief.

Personal observations

As you travel from Rassina towards Talla, the memorial stone can be seen on the right-hand side, at the foot of a tree.

News and contextualisation

On May 1st 1944, partisans Dino Ferrini and Mario Nuti attempted to disarm a German car with some soldiers on board in the vicinity of Talla (Ar). The prompt reaction of the enemy caused the death of the two young men, who were armed with only an old rifle and a machine-gun without ammunition. Ferrini was a labourer from Talla; Nuti, born in Florence, was an evacuee in Salutio, Castel Focognano (Ar). They were members of the IV Compagnia, III Btg. "Licio Nencetti", XXIII Bgt. “Pio Borri”, Arezzo Division. Mario Nuti is buried in the Shrine of Fallen Partisans in the cemetery of the Misericordia at Rifredi, in Florence.


Author: Alessandro Bargellini