Execution of member of the Resistance

Captured after a clash between troops of the 2nd Battalion of the 3rd Brandenburg Regiment, carabiniere Angelo Valentini, already wounded during the exchange of fire, was ferociously tortured and hanged by the Germans in the square of Talla.

The Signs

Memorial slab to Angelo Valentini


Place of placement: Outside wall of the primary school

Date of placement: 29/05/1994


The rectangular marble slab is fixed to the outside wall of the primary school building in Talla by means of four iron hooks. It commemorates the partisan and carabiniere Angiolo Valentini ("Lilli"), who was hanged by the Germans on July 10th 1944 from a tree opposite the school. He was posthumously awarded the Silver Medal for Military Valour. The epigraph gives his name, date of death, and the decoration he received. The letttering is lined with dark red paint.

Personal observations

News and contextualisation


Author: Alessandro Bargellini