Killing of individual draft evader

German troops executed Ferdinando Fani on State Road 71 near the hamlet of Vaiano. Official sources report that Fani (registered in the municipality of Poppi and born in Memmenano) was part of a group of deportees being transferred to Prato. When they reached Vaiano, he was taken out by the Gendarmerie and shot on the spot. It is thought that the perpetrators of the murder and the circumstances of the deportation can be traced back to the what happened in Memmenano (Municipality of Poppi) on June 8th 1944. It cannot be ruled out that the killing was an angry retaliation for the sabotage and damaging of the road network (though without casualties) carried out between the 13th and 14th by the VIII Compagnia, 3a Battaglione, XXIII Bgt “Pio Borri”.