Chiesa Vecchia


Massacre of civilians

During the days of the retreat to the nearby Gothic Line positions, a German patrol rounded up three women and a man in the village of Lonnano, all completely innocent elderly persons. The soldiers placed them against the wall of a farmhouse in the nearby hamlet of Chiesa Vecchia and shot them dead. They then set fire to the house, probably in an attempt to conceal the bodies. There are no reports of partisan activity in the area at that time, but the pointless massacre can certainly be ascribed the great pressure the Germans were under as the front drew near.

The Signs

Monument to the Fallen of Pratovecchio


Place of placement: In front of the arcade in the square

Date of placement: 01/10/1982


The war memorial of Pratovecchio consists of a bronze sculpture depicting a warrior angel holding a raised sword in both hands. The statue stands on a square stone pedestal bearing a dedication to the Fallen and the date of inauguration, in bronze lettering in relief. The monument is centrally situated in front of the arcade in Piazza Landino

Personal observations

News and contextualisation


Author: Alessandro Bargellini