Casa Nuova


Massacre of civilians

A large formation of about 30 partisans in Romena (mainly from the 7th Company), having learnt that German soldiers were carrying out a violent assault on the nearby Casa Nuova farm, set out in two patrols with the aim of driving away the Germans before the worst could happen. On their arrival they could only take cognizance of the barbaric killing of a man and a woman. It should be noted that the presence of a murdered man is mentioned only in the report of the Commander of the 7th Company of the 3a Battaglione XXIII Brigata “Pio Borri”, while it is apparently not recorded in the Pratovecchio registry office.

The Signs

Monument to the Fallen of Pratovecchio


Place of placement: In front of the arcade in the square

Date of placement: 01/10/1982


The war memorial of Pratovecchio consists of a bronze sculpture depicting a warrior angel holding a raised sword in both hands. The statue stands on a square stone pedestal bearing a dedication to the Fallen and the date of inauguration, in bronze lettering in relief. The monument is centrally situated in front of the arcade in Piazza Landino.

Personal observations

News and contextualisation


Author: Alessandro Bargellini