Casini, Strada Montanino in direction of Hermitage of Camaldoli


Killing of individual in war zone

A German patrol, undoubtedly linked to the German troops dug into the nearby Montanino emplacements at the time, rounded up Attilio Ballerini and Romeo Menchini in the woods. They were taken to battalion headquarters in Casina, forced to dig their own graves, shot and hastily interred. Their bodies were found and buried in the cemetery of Moggiona on December 29th 1944. While Menchini’s age and military status may account for his execution, little can be said about the killing of Attilio Ballerini, who had actually been a strong supporter of the fascist regime in the past. Presumably the cause of their execution was the tense atmosphere of the retreat or, perhaps more likely, the fact that two civilians were spotted in a war zone. This episode is the last killing connected to the sequence of events that began with the evacuation of Moggiona on August 26th and culminated in the massacre of September 7th 1944.
The German troops finally abandoned the area of Moggiona on September 21st 1944.