Execution of member of the Resistance

On June 14th 1944 a 3-man squad of the VII Company of the Casentino Group, made up of Giuseppe Fabbri, Bruno Nastagi and Gino Santini, had scattered special nails along the Consuma road and later disarmed two Germans at Borgo alla Collina. During the return journey to their base, the group clashed with a German patrol. Gino Santini, seriously wounded in the arm, decided to leave and return to his home. From there he was riskily transported to Poppi Hospital. There he was secretly treated by Dr. Bruno Batisti, together with another partisan, Mario Di Falco, a Pesaro-born member of the XXII Brigata “Lanciotto”. Both were denounced to the German authorities by unknown informers. They were arrested in the hospital and taken to Campaldino, where they were executed together with a partisan from Catania, Giuseppe Gabrielli, of whom we have no further information.

The Signs

Memorial stone to three partisans


Place of placement: Cemetery of Poppi di Poppi

Date of placement:


Marble memorial stone with inscriptions commemorating the three fallen partisans. It was commissioned by the town council of Poppi and placed in the local cemetery.

Personal observations

News and contextualisation

I tre partigiani morirono a Poppi per la libertà della patria.


Author: Istituto Comprensivo Dovizi Bibbiena