Woods of Raggiolo


Killing during machine-gunning operations in mountains

As soon as the extremely violent rounding-up operations around Monte Falterona and the Mandrioli Pass were over, between April 16th and 20th there were widespread raids by nazi-fascist troops on the villages on the slopes of Pratomagno. These were aimed more at discouraging the hunted enemy than at flushing them out of their positions. On April 19th, German troops, together with Italian soldiers of the Republican Army from the Poppi District, entered Raggiolo, searching houses and spraying the surrounding mountainside with random machine-gun fire, evidently to intimidate the enemy, or in the off-chance of hitting a rebel. A young man from the village was mortally wounded as a result. According to the testimony of Father Sergio, a priest evacuated to Raggiolo, a worse outcome was averted by the astuteness of the Italian soldiers from Poppi. Realizing that the inhabitants of Raggiolo were in good faith, they were careful to conceal from the Germans that they had discovered some weapons, some of which belonged to partisans.