Execution of member of the Resistance

Having become a courier for the love of her partisan comrade, Bruna Sandroni was often involved in supplying basic necessities. On her bicycle she would travel the Casentino-Arezzo road (where the future paternal grandparents of the child she was carrying lived). On June 15th 1944, some fascists from Rassina associated with Umberto Cerasi Abbatecola, Marshal of the 96th G.N.R., ambushed her near Corsalone and arrested her. Dragged into a railway shed, she was horribly tortured and stabbed to death. Her by now lifeless body was then dumped in the main street of Bibbiena. Dr. Conti, medical director of the Bibbiena hospital and very close to the Resistance, mercifully restored her body before handing it over to her family and the parish priest of Ortignano. Deliberately slaughtered like an animal, the girl’s young body was disfigured by the stabbing and torture.

The Voices

Nello Ceccherini know as "Mezz'etto"

Crediti: Località Soci. Riprese di Sergio Spiganti e interviste degli studenti della scuola media di Soci, realizzata il 02/04/2003.