Casa Santicchio


Killing linked to rounding-up operation for taking control of territory

Caught in possession of a weapon during a patrol by German troops, Azeglio Acciai was brutally murdered by the roadside. His body was found shortly afterwards deliberately and cruelly mutilated. What happened may have been linked to the ongoing rounding-up operations in the Falterona mountain area, which also involved nearby Moscaio (Municipality of Bibbiena).

The Signs

Memorial stone to Azeglio Acciai


Place of placement: Roadside, near the hamlet of Casa Santicchio.

Date of placement:


Memorial slab in grey sandstone planted directly in the ground, with a photo in an oval frame and an inscription recording the name of the victim and the date of the killing. A cross tops the stone.

Personal observations

News and contextualisation

Azeglio Acciai was killed near Casa Santicchio by German troops sent by Field Marshal Albert Kesselring to the Casentino during the reprisals of April 13th 1944.


Author: Istituto Comprensivo Dovizi Bibbiena