Killing of civilians

Event and circumstances still under investigation. According to some memoirs, the Germans entered the village shooting wildly, capturing some civilians (later released) and threatening the parish priest with death. The tombstone over the remains of the two men in the Garliano cemetery states that Eugenio Eugeni died “for doing good works”. Despite the fact that the way the two young men were killed clearly suggests a reprisal, according to archive sources there were no clashes with, or assaults on the German army that could have provoked this outcome. Indeed, the most active partisan formation on the left bank of the Solano, the VII Company of the Casentino Group, had not yet been established (it was formed on June 9th 1944). Nor does the reprisal seem to be attributable to any actions by the Brigata Lanciotto in the area, since this Brigade only appeared in force on Pratomagno around May 23rd. The two men killed were neither draft evaders nor supporters of the resistance, thus making it even harder to interpret this criminal episode.