Killing of individual

Retreating German troops passing through Zenna shot an elderly civilian. It is possible that he had breached an evacuation order or was shot because suspected of rebel activity.

The Signs

Memorial slabs to the Fallen of Pieve a Socana (Castel Focognano)


Place of placement: The chapel is on the roadside, near the cemetery.

Date of placement:


A small chapel to the War Dead, in masonry, is located along the road leading from the Strada Provinciale della Zenna to the village of Pieve a Socana, on the right just after the Cemetery. The entrance has a round arch and is protected by a double-winged wrought-iron gate. The sloping roof is covered with tiles. Inside, above a stone altar, are two rectangular marble slabs, each fixed by four iron pegs. The one on the left is engraved with the names of 13 soldiers who died in the First World War, in the order of their year of death, plus the name of a soldier who died in the Spanish Civil War. The slab on the right is engraved with the names of 6 soldiers who died in the Second World War, also in the order of their year of death, plus those of 3 soldiers who went missing in the same conflict, and those of 4 civilians who died of war-related causes in 1944. All the lettering is lined with black paint. Between the two slabs there is a small circular ceramic effigy of the Madonna and the Child Jesus.

Personal observations

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Author: Alessandro Bargellini