Execution of member of the Resistance

Retreating German executed Sirio Cardini of the Talla Autonomous Formation.

The Voices

Franca Maccari

Crediti: Località Carda. Riprese di Sergio Spiganti e intervista di Simone Duranti, realizzata il 25/05/2006.

The Signs

Memorial stone to Silvio Cardini


Place of placement: In the woods below the village.

Date of placement:


The memorial stone is dedicated to Silvio Cardini, partisan of the autonomous formation "Carda", killed here by the Germans on August 20th 1944. It is located in the woods below the village of Carda and, although not far from the main road, it is not easy to find unless you are guided by a local inhabitant. It is a simple iron cross surrounded by decorative motifs, fixed in the ground and without any engraving or plaque bearing the name of the Fallen.

Personal observations

News and contextualisation


Author: Alessandro Bargellini