Execution of member of the Resistance

Partisan Ferdinando Bandelloni, of the VI Company of the III Batallion XXIII Brigata “Pio Borri”, was wounded in the shoulder during a dangerous mission to collect food and medicines for his battalion comrades exhausted by the Pratomagno round-ups. He was spotted and captured by the Germans, who stabbed him to death with a bayonet and smashed his skull with the butt of a rifle.

The Signs

Memorial slabs to the Fallen of Ortignano


Place of placement: Inside the Church of Santi Matteo e Margherita

Date of placement:


Memorial slabs dedicated to the Fallen of Ortignano during the First and Second World Wars. They consist of two separate parts set up at different times: one with the names of 21 soldiers who died in the Great War and the other with 18 names of victims of the Second World War (12 soldiers and 6 civilians and partisans). They are located inside the parish church of Santi Matteo e Margherita.

Personal observations

News and contextualisation

Ferdinando Bandelloni, born on January 26th 1906, woodcutter or miller, slaughtered by the Germans in the Calleta area of Castel Focognano (Ar) on July 13th 1944. Wounded by bullets, he was finished off with a bayonet and rifle butt. Known as a partisan of the VI Comp., III Btn. "Licio Nencetti", XXIII Garibaldi Brigata "Pio Borri", Div. "Arezzo". Buried in the cemetery of Ortignano.


Author: Alessandro Bargellini