Execution of member of the Resistance

Sent with a comrade from the IV Company (III Btn. XXIII Brigata “Pio Borri”) to collect weapons in Bibbiena, the partisan Danilo Ballerini was attacked by German soldiers and immediately shot.

The Signs

Memorial plaque to the Fallen of Capolona in the 1940-45 war.


Place of placement:

Date of placement: 05/08/1994


Marble plaque, with a bronze coat of arms of the Italian Republic in relief, bearing the names of 48 civilians, soldiers and partisans of the Municipality of Capolona who were killed in the Second World War. The names are in alphabetical order, in two rows; the lettering is in relief, in bronze, as are the four pegs attaching it to the wall of the Santa Maria parish house.

Personal observations

News and contextualisation


Author: Alessandro Bargellini