Killing in combat of members of the Resistance

The partisans Arpelio Cresti (II Company), Carlo Gennai (II Company) and Renato Ristori (NCO in the Granatieri di Sardegna, V Company) were commissioned by the Command of the Manchester Division to guide an English patrol from Bibbiena to Marciano. Near the village the group split into three squads. Shortly afterwards the first two squads were fired on simultaneously, while the third, led by Gennai, managed to take cover behind a house and return heavy fire before retreating. Arpelio Crespi was killed in the fighting while Renato Ristori, seriously wounded, managed to drag himself towards Soci. He was taken to the Hospital of Santa Maria del Sasso in Bibbiena, where he died on September 16th after a difficult amputation.

The Signs

Memorial stone to Arpelio Cresti and Renato Ristori


Place of placement: Road to Marciano

Date of placement: The first memorial stone is dated August 10th 1947; the second September 3rd 1992


The monument is dedicated to the partisans Arpelio Cresti and Renato Ristori. On September 3rd 1944 they fought here against German troops: the former died here and the latter, wounded, died on the September 16th in the Hospital of Bibbiena (Silver Medal for Military Valour). The current memorial stone was inaugurated in 1992, incorporating a plaque unveiled in 1947. It is a rectangular marble slab set on a low stone wall and bearing an epigraph and the names of the two Fallen. The lettering is lined with black paint, now eroded. Later, a new stone structure was placed above the wall, surrounded by a small evergreen hedge. It has a sloping front in which two bronze plaques are set. The lettering is in relief and embossed. The first plaque contains the epigraph, the names of the two partisans, their ceramic photographs, and the date of the clash. The other, slimmer plaque bears the name of the commissioning partisan bodies (Associazione Nazionale Partigiani d'Italia and Associazione Italiana Volontari della Libertà) and the year it was erected. An iron grille surrounds the stone on three sides.

Personal observations

News and contextualisation

On September 3rd 1947 the marble slab was erected in memory of the sacrifice of two partisans from Stia and Soci. On September 3rd 1992 the ANPI and ATVL associations erected the memorial, which is made up of two stones, each bearing a bronze slab with inscriptions. The name of Lieutenant Renato Ristori is also found on the War Memorial to the Fallen of Pratovecchio.


Author: Esploratori Toscana